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Digital 1264PW Cellular Bullet 6DB 695-3000MHZ 9"


Digital Antenna 1264-PW Cellular Antenna Wide Band 695-3000 MHz 6dB Omni Directional Model: 1264-PW Excellent 700 MHZ LTE performance Compact design UV stable polyurethane finish Foam filled for vibration stabilization VSWR ..


Digital 135RD Inside Cellular Omni Directional Antenna


Digital Antennas dual band cellular 3dB gain repeater inside antenna offers convenient placement and excellent performance. The unique pivoting swivel base and two counter sunk mounting holes allow the antenna to be attached to a wall or flat surface. The included 6 of our RG174 cable lets you insta..


Digital 288PW 18" Cellular An 9DB Gain White


Digital Antennas 288-PW universal 18" dual band cellular antenna is ideal for many applications, including boats, RVs, homes and offices. This omni-directional 9dB gain cellular antenna improves signals on cellular (810-900 MHz) and PCS (1800-1990 MHz) bands, offering excellent performance in a comp..


Shakespeare 5239 9.25" Galaxy World Band Antenna


Shakespeare 5239 9.25" Galaxy World Band Cellular Antenna Model: 5239 UPC: 719441900960 ?Full Band (698 — 2700 MHz) Broadband ?2G/3G/4G and WLAN systems ?Wi-Fi 802.11n compatible ?Designed for marine use ?Omni-directional antenna 3-4 dB Gain ?Easy to install The Galaxy 5239 antenna is our smallest ..


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