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Metz MANTA-6 40 Stainless Steel VHF Antenna


Key Features Stainless Steel 17-7ph Whip (Replacement Whip #234) Stainless Steel Housing Nickel plated support UV resistant Cap All connections soldered Compression Whip retainer 8 oz total weight SO-239 Connector Lifetime Warranty on antenna coil Technical Specifications S..


Shaespeare 5250 36" S/S Whip VHF Skinny Mini


Shakespeare Style 5250   Skinny Mini 3 ft. (0.91 M) VHF Marine Band  3dB End-fed -wave stainless steel whip This compact, lightweight antenna is ideal for vessels where space is limited - bass boats and center console fishing vessels, for example. Its chrome plated brass canister minimizes the de..


Shakespeare 5216 15" Black Light Weight Sailboat Antenna


Shakespeare Style 5216 1.25 ft. (0.30 M) VHF Marine Band Unity Gain End-fed, Center loaded stainless steel whip Head for the regatta! This super light-weight black VHF Marine antenna is specially built for sailboat racers. It wont add much weight, while delivering the performance you need. Its 15..


Shakespeare 5218 19" Black Magnetic Mount VHF Antenna


Shakespeare Style 5218 1.6 ft. (0.60 M) VHF Marine Band Unity Gain Base-load stainless steel whip This small, stainless steel whip antenna features a magnetic mount, for fast and easy attachment to magnet-friendly surfaces. You can set this one up in a hurry, and detach it easily. Black stainles..


Shakespeare 5241-R 36" VHF Antenna Heavy Duty 3DB


 Shakespeare Style 5241-R 3 ft. (0.91 M) VHF Marine Band 3dB Low-profile end-fed -wave with heavy duty whip The perfect choice for bass boats, center console fishing boats, or any vessel where compact size is most important. Comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel whip for extra stability at h..


Shakespeare 5242A 36" VHF Antenna W/ Quick Disconnect Whip


Shakespeare Style 5242-A 3 ft. (0.91 M) VHF Marine Band 3dB Low-profile end-fed -wave with standard duty whip This legacy style is coming back due to customer request. A convenient press-and-twist bayonet fitting makes attaching or removing its stainless steel whip quick and easy. The bayonet ..


Shakespeare 5912 7" Quick Connect VHF Antenna W/Cowl Mount


Shakespeare Style 5912 0.6 ft. (0.30 M) VHF Marine Band Rubber Duck Antenna Designed especially for small boat applications needing only short range communications, the Style 5912 is a small, space-saving antenna that attaches and detaches with ease, once the included Flush Mounting Kit has been..


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