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AIS Class A, SmartFind M5, w/ Display


M5 AIS transponder- MFG# 21-100-001A- Class A (commercial)- w/ 3.5" color LCD- MOB and alarm functions- NMEA 0183- NMEA 2000- and USB interfaces for integration with ECDIS- ECS- and most MFDs- Includes GPS antenna- Requires VHF antenna..


EPIRB, Smartfind Plus G5 Auto Rel. w/GPS


G5 EPIRB- Auto Release- MFG# 82-800-002A-2- Category I 406 EPIRB automatic release w/ housing and hydrostatic release- built-in 12-channel internal GPS- 121.5MHz homing beacon- strobe light- GMDSS compliant- 5 year warranty and 5 year battery life..


Hydro. Release E3/G4, E5/G5 EPIRBs


Hydrostatic Release - MFG# 82-962-001A- for E3/G4- E5/G5 EPIRBs..


SART, S4 Rescue, for Radar


S4 Rescue SART- MFG# 86-300-001A- detects radar signal from a search craft and transmits a series of pulse that pinpoint your position on vessels radar- Up to 96 hr- battery life- Waterproof & floats- 5 year battery pack- includes extender pole..


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