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Garmin 12Kw XHD2 Pedestal Remanufactured


Garmin GMR xHD2 12kW Remanufactured Pedestal Model: 010-N1333-02 12 kW high-definition radar pedestal High sensitivity with 1.8 degree horizontal beamwidth for consistent target positions, excellent target separation and reliable operation Dual range radar with dual radar support o complex user sett..


Garmin GMR24XHD Reman Radar Dome 24" 4Kw


Garmin GMR24XHD Remanufactured Radar Dome 4 kW high-definition 24" dome radar Step up to xHD performance in a radome Dynamic new shape for improved look and antenna performance No complex user settings, easy to install and start using New Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter continually adjus..


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